Writing Subjects

Spring 2020 Schedule: Writing
For a complete list of Writing subjects, see: //student.mit.edu/catalog/m21Wa.html

Subject and Title Sec Instructor Schedule Supplemental Descriptions
21W.011 (CI-HW) Writing and Rhetoric: Rhetoric and Contemporary Issues A. Walsh TR7-8:30
21W.022 (CI-HW) Writing and Experience: Reading and Writing Autobiography 1 S. Carlisle MW3-4:30
2 L. Harrison-Lepera MW9:30-11
3 A. Walsh TR3-4:30
21W.031 (CI-HW) Explorations in Communicating about Science and Technology J. Melvold TR12:30-2
21W.035 (CI-HW) Elements of Science Writing for the Public C. Taft TR3-4:30
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M. Bove TR3
21W.735 (CI-H) Writing and Reading the Essay K. Ragusa TR9:30-11
21W.738/WGS.238 Intersectional Feminist Memoir K. Ragusa MW9:30-11
21W.741/24.912 (CI-HW) Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies D. Fox Harrel, M. DeGraff, D. Wood T2-5
21W.747 (CI-H) Rhetoric S. Strang MW9:30-11
21W.752/824 Making Documentary: Audio, Video, and More T. Levenson TR2-3:30
21W.755 Writing and Reading Short Stories 1 M. Nathan T12-3
2 M. Nathan W12-3
21W.759 Writing Science Fiction S. Lewitt TR3-4:30
21W.762 Poetry Workshop 1 E. Barrett M7-10
2 E. Barrett T7-10
21W.763/CMS.309/809 Transmedia Storytelling S. Lewitt TR3-4:30
21W.769/21M.785/789 Playwrights Lab K. Urban T7-10
21W.770 Advanced Fiction Workshop H. Lee TR1-2:30
21W.771 Advanced Poetry Workshop E. Funkhouser M2-5
21W.777 Science Writing in Contemporary Society K. Boiko TR11-12:30
21W.788/CMS.334 South Asian America V. Bald W7-10
21W.826 Advanced Science Writing Seminar II Graduate Program Faculty MW10-11:30
21W.THG T. DeChant F10-1