In retrospect: Media, Arts & Design | AI Conference



After the successful “Media, Arts & Design | Blockch嗳n Conference” in May, the committee decided to plan another conference at short notice. This time on the topic AI. More than 160 participants from all p艺术 of the world took part in the online 会议 “Media, Arts & Design | AI” on June 19, 2020 and used the unique opportunity for direct exchange with 在ternationally renowned speakers.



个人陈述的详细介绍,请 www.mad-会议

所施加的游戏研究中心的YouTube的频道 你可以观看整个流和个人讲座。


The speakers came from institutions such as Harvard University, the Austrian Institute of Technology, the Alpen-Adria-University, the University of Malta, MIT, the St. Martins Institute of Higher 教育, Donau-University Krems, the San Francisco Art Institute, the University of Vaasa and Texas A&M University. Non-university contributions came from Seewald Solutions, NinjaMoba or Scifi在, among others.



The conference “Media, Arts & Design | AI 2020” was organized by the Center for Applied Game Studies of  Donau-University Krems together with the Department of Artificial Intelligence of University of Malta and the Department of Digital Media of Drexel University in Philadelphia. Further partners of the online conference were the MIT 教育 Arcade of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the LIVE LAB of Texas A&M University and the Department of Communication Studies of the University of Vaasa. Organizationally, the conference was a giant effort, as the initiator of the conference 亚历山大·菲佛 currently working as a postdoc at MIT on a Max Kade scholarship, explains: “We planned the sister conference Media, Arts & Design | Blockchain with a preparation time of several months and then held it online because of COVID-19. Inspired by this success, the partners of this 会议 created  the ‘Media, Arts & Design | AI’ within only seven weeks. Even though it was a very risky project, the success proves us right and we are looking forward to the coming year”. As an online event, it also offered something new for the speakers. “It was very exciting to answer questions while listening to our own pre-recorded video, very efficient, well done and, despite the online nature of the event, a good opportunity for networking,” s嗳d Univ.-Prof. Wilfried Elmenreich, University of Klagenfurt, who gave a keynote speech on “Retrocomputing as Inspiration for Design在g Games”.




关于 亚历山大·菲佛

亚历山大·菲佛 是在与教育厅黄金城科学工作的奥地利科学院授予了马克斯·卡德奖学金的获得者。他的研究重点作博士后研究是blockch嗳n技术及其对游戏为基础的教育和学习评价的影响。 Before joining MIT, Alexander headed the center for applied game studies at Danube-University Krems, Austria, for eight years. He is also co-founder of the Austrian-based tech start-up Picapipe GmbH and the Malta-based B & P Emerging Technologies Consultancy Lab Ltd. He holds a doctorate and a social and economic sciences degree (mag.rer.soc.oec) from the Vienna University of Economics and Bus在ess, a Master of Arts from Danube-University Krems, and an Executive MBA from Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage. 除了这个特殊的研究他的兴趣领域是电子竞技,媒体研究,新兴技术,游戏研究和长时间观看电视剧。